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Digitizing regulatory radar, legal inventory & legal monitoring

Continuous legal monitoring (legal screening / regulatory radar)
Import function for new or amended regulations
Legal inventory of all regulations potentially relevant for an institution
Relevance & competence check
Legal monitoring process and risk analysis
Regulatory key controls for all significant regulations
Adequacy & effectiveness review
Reporting and Report Generator

By using our REGELUNGSRADAR@ARTEMEON software, key legal regulations and requirements can be identified, assessed and documented in a legal inventory and underlying controls. REGELUNGSRADAR@ARTEMEON also supports the identification of risks from non-compliance with essential legal regulations.

The legal inventory of REGELUNGSRADAR@ARTEMEON contains all regulations potentially relevant for an institution. All regulations in the legal inventory are subject to the legal monitoring process; regulations that have entered into force and are relevant are also subject to a risk analysis.

REGELUNGSRADAR@ARTEMEON is used by credit institutions to identify and mitigate risks from non-compliance with significant legal regulations and requirements, e.g. in accordance with KWG § 25a, MaRisk AT 4.4.2. and EBA/GL/2021/05 ( Guidelines on Internal Governance).