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ISMS & Information Risk Management Software

System-based protection needs assessments and security concepts, ICT risk management in accordance with DORA Articles 5 to 16
Identification of the requirements for an asset based on the protection requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability as well as the asset type
Determination of protection needs, risk analysis, security concept and deviation register in accordance with BSI standards, BAIT and ISO 27005
Setting up and managing an information network, e.g. with the levels of information clusters, processes, applications, IT components / configuration items, network infrastructure, buildings / rooms, service providers / contracts
Vererbungslogik der Schutzbedarfe im Informationsverbund, Möglichkeit des Überschreibens von vererbten Schutzbedarfen
Workflows for determining protection needs, target/actual comparison and security concept
Deviation inventory and analysis of deviations from IS policy requirements
Customer-specific design of IS specifications, threats, vulnerabilities with a set of rules for display

ISMS@ARTEMEON digitises information security management system (ISMS) and information risk management.

ISMS@ARTEMEON allows to describe the information network in a structured manner, to map all relevant assets (e.g. business processes, data clusters, applications, hardware, infrastructure, buildings) to determine protection requirements, to inherit these within the information network and to comprehensively manage information risk.

ISMS@ARTEMEON digitizes the management of IS requirements or IS policies, threats, vulnerabilities, the documentation of protection needs and deviations from IS requirements as well as the creation of security concepts and the deviation inventory.

ISMS@ARTEMEON supports essential information security and information risk management processes. This includes protection needs assessment, gap analysis, risk analysis and controls as well as information risk management. Workflows and contents are compliant with requirements such as EBA Guideline EBA/GL/2019/04, BAIT (KAIT, VAIT, ZAIT), ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards as well as the national standard of the BSI Grundschutz.

ISMS@ARTEMEON is used by our financial services clients to efficiently and effectively implement a regulatory compliant information risk management.