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KPI Management Software

Design of object hierarchies, SLA, KPI, and KRI
Design of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Key Risk Indicators (KRI)
Automated data capture from G/L, back / front office systems
Real-time KPI-/KRI-monitoring
Integrated workflow-, escalation and notification options via email
Automated plausibility & completeness checks
Monitoring and reporting
Reporting & analytics function to support root-cause- and drill-down- analysis
Audit-proven individual checklists (e.g. end-of-day-processing)

KPI@ARTEMEON digitalises SLA and KPI management.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are an essential cornerstone for measuring service delivery. SLAs are by definition contracts which describe the interface between a client and a service provider for recurring services. They regulate the rights and obligations and open up control options for the client by precisely describing promised service characteristics such as scope of service, response time and speed of processing.

In practice, the creation of SLAs requires resource-intensive coordination activities to specify the control model and harmonise evaluation criteria (KPIs) and terminology.

KPI@ARTEMEON digitalises SLA and KPI management and accelerates the SLA definition process. With KPI@ARTEMEON, any constellation of SLAs and end products can be captured in the system. Key performance indicators (KPI), key risk indicators (KRI) and evaluation criteria can be easily set up in the software. Calculation kernels and aggregation logics can be configured individually. The SLAs created in KPI@ARTEMEON can be evaluated immediately. Dashboards, traffic light displays and monitors offer a complete overview at any time. Detailed information is immediately available in real time at the touch of a button.

Our KPI@ARTEMEON software is used, inter alia, by transaction banks and service providers for detailed SLA and KPI control. Bonus and Malus regulations, Productivity ratios and back logs can be generated within the system. In addition, KPI@ARTEMEON enables granular resource and service management.