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Contract Management Software

Contract database, classification of contract types, design of contract hierarchies
Monitoring of contracts as well as annexes, additional documents, manuals, certificates
Integration into ordering and or contract negotiation process
Checklists for further contract-relevant issues
Upload of documents or links to existing DMS
Versioning and possibility to store negotiation statuses
Comprehensive contract search function incl. bespoke filter functions and full text search, also in uploaded documents
Monitoring of deadlines & notice periods
Differentiated authorisation and access concept
Contracts with e-mail reminder and resubmission function

CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON offers extensive functionalities for contract management.

Our software supports the capture of contracts with any number of detail levels, e.g. master agreements and individual contracts, annexes, service descriptions or supplementary agreements. In principle, all types of credit, debit or other contracts can be mapped in CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON.

CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON allows contract documents to be uploaded or linked to existing document management systems. Versioning offers the possibility of storing negotiation statuses and documenting the contract history. In addition, tasks and open items resulting from the contractual relationship can be set up and tracked on an ongoing basis.

CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON supports deadline management and the monitoring of contract terms and notice periods with automated resubmissions. The software sends e-mail notifications to the responsible users whenever certain configurable deadlines are reached.

Users can also chose in which cases they want to receive an e-mail notification from CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON (e.g. in the event of termination or contract renewal). In addition, queries can be carried out on the earliest possible termination dates or renewal options.

In CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON, a comprehensive search is possible via filter and query functionalities.

CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON is used in numerous financial institutions to map a wide range of contracts. The number of individual contracts in CONTRACTS@ARTEMEON varies from 50 to 20,000 contracts.