ICS@ARTEMEON Digitization of Internal Control Systems

  • Design of object hierarchies and key controls
  • Risk Inventory based on ICS risk categories
  • Operationalisation of controls based on the risk control matrix
  • User-friendly and proven control documentation
  • Support for adequacy and effectiveness testing
  • Real-time monitoring of key controls and control results
  • Specific ICS- reports, analytics function to support root-cause- and drill-down- analysis

ARTEMEON – We digitize your internal control system.​

ICS@ARTEMEON software supports activities of an independent compliance function – for financial institutions, e.g. according to KWG § 25a (adequate and effective risk management; adequate internal control procedures), MaRisk AT 4.4.2. and EBA/GL/2021/05 (Guidelines on Internal Governance).

Workflows and checklists of the ICS@ARTEMEON software accompany risk inventorization & classification and operationalize the three lines of defence model. Semi-automated Controls and a risk control matrix can be easily assembled for all first and second line controls. In addition, the ICS@ARTEMEON software supports continuous control as well as the documentation of control results.

Thus, ICS@ARTEMEON contributes to the protection of your assets and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. ICS@ARTEMEON ensures methodically uniform risk identification and risk monitoring, control design and control documentation as well as adequacy and effectiveness checks throughout the company.

Financial institutions use ICS@ARTEMEON to implement an efficient and effective internal control system (ICS).