DSGVO@ARTEMEON Data Security Management Software

  • Workflow and monitoring support according to GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • System-supported GDPR data capture (i.e. personal data management exposure assessment, purpose of processing, existence of consents)
  • Art. 35 GDPR data protection impact assessment for each relevant procedure
  • Role-based release and assessment functionalities, i.e. release by data protection officer
  • Art. 30 GDPR record of processing activities
  • Art 33 GDPR notifications of personal data breaches to the supervisory authority
  • Art 34 GDPR notifications of personal data breaches to the data subject
  • Art. 39 GDPR Initiation GDPR training / training register
  • Record of measures envisaged to address the risks, including safeguards, security measures and mechanisms to ensure the protection of personal data including comprehensive (filter / search function)
  • Regular workflow-based verification function of the procedures (by means of reminder function with processing instructions or processing links)

ARTEMEON – Easily map GDPR-compliant data protection management processes with our GDPR@ARTEMEON software.

By using DSGVO@ARTEMEON software, the relevant information can be collected and managed in a workflow-controlled manner via interaction of decentralised processing owners, central data protection coordinators and the data protection officer. DSGVO@ARTEMEON supports the collection and processing of information, accelerates administration and evaluation and ensures audit-proof documentation. Further functionalities for evaluation and analysis as well as reporting, resubmission and review routines are also integrated into our software.

DSGVO@ARTEMEON automates the creation of the Directory of Processing Activities (VVT) (Art. 30 DSGVO). The standard version of our software solution also includes a system-supported risk assessment per procedural activity as well as a rule-based initiation of the data protection impact assessment (Art. 35 DSGVO). The workflows are based on a role-based approval and assessment (e.g. processing owner, data protection team, data protection officer). The VVT can be optimally evaluated via filter and search functions for procedure documentation and TOMs.

DSGVO@ARTEMEON is used by financial institutions and also by some of our corporate clients to easily map data protection management processes that comply with the GDPR.