Your one-stop-shop solution for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) digitalisation.

Our AGP@ARTEMEON software speeds up your digital transformation process. We offer powerful, configurable GRC software modules that fit seamlessly into your digital infrastructure.

The AGP@ARTEMEON software family digitises workflows and approval processes, data capture and storage, document creation and analysis functions for non-financial risk (NFR) management.

The individual modules of our AGP@ARTEMEON platform contain relevant content, roles & responsibilities, reports and workflows for a wide range of Governance, Risk & Compliance functions. These include the following examples:

Example 1:

Our VAM@ARTEMEON software supports regulatory compliant outsourcing management, i.e. identification & documentation of outsourcing events and IT procurement events, the execution of risk analyses (e.g. according to EBA and MaRisk), the fulfillment of regulatory requirements in the contractual phase as well as continuous outsourcing monitoring.

This is supplemented by analysis functionalities and a comprehensive report generator. An EBA compliant outsourcing register, an information register according to DORA or a cloud register are automatically generated. 

Example 2:

ISMS@ARTEMEON digitises the management of IS requirements or IS policies, threats, vulnerabilities, the documentation of protection needs and deviations from IS requirements as well as the creation of security concepts and the deviation inventory.

ISMS@ARTEMEON supports essential information security and information risk management processes and generates a complete information network. Workflows and contents are compliant with requirements such as EBA Guideline EBA/GL/2019/04, BAIT (KAIT, VAIT, ZAIT), ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards as well as the national standard of the BSI Grundschutz.


The individual modules of the AGP@ARTEMEON software platform can be combined to form a comprehensive, integrated GRC software suite. When using all modules, the AGP@ARTEMEON software suite comprises of an internal control system, a regulatory monitoring radar, contract and outsourcing management, data protection, information security and BCM automation as well as KPI/ KRI monitoring functionalities.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to provide you with many more practical application examples!


The AGP@ARTEMEON platform forms the technical layer of our RegTech software product line. As a web-based application it is accordingly used in a client-server architecture, whereby the client runs in the browser of the end user. The user interface of our AGP@ARTEMEON platform is optimised for desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices.

All modules of the AGP@ARTEMEON software enable near-time information exchange. As a modern web application, our application is already designed to exchange with other systems via standardised interfaces and protocols. Central import and export APIs ensure the connectivity of the AGP@ARTEMEON platform with third-party applications.

AGP@ARTEMEON includes a multi-client capability and a multilingual interface (German and English), audit trail functions and detailed log files with change history.

In addition, AGP@ARTEMEON encompasses a fully featured workflow engine, automated email notifications, a rights system which allows for granular authorisation concepts and information access according to the need-to-know principle, as well as a calculation core for freely parameterisable data analysis of the multi-dimensional data cube.

Artemeon Consulting
Artemeon Consulting

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Our AGP@ARTEMEON software is provided as a web-based solution (Software-as-a-Service). This enables you to access our products at any time and SSL-secured via PC or mobile devices (iOS, Android).

The service is operated by a certified data centre based in Germany. All data is processed and stored exclusively in Germany. In individual and selected cases, we also help you to implement on premise solutions.