We are pleased to welcome Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) as a new customer. HCOB uses our VAM@ARTEMEON software for EBA / MaRisk and BAIT-compliant contract and outsourcing management.

Our VAM@ARTEMEON software supports centralized and decentralized outsourcing controlling activities, the identification of regulatory relevant outsourcing & sourcing events as well as the initialization and ongoing monitoring of third party providers. In addition, SLA and KPI monitoring and service provider management are supported.

Thank you HCOB for choosing ARTEMEON as your software provider. It will always be our pleasure to serve you with the best. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic prevention measures, the entire implementation project has been carried out virtually via web and telephone conferences. Thank you to the mixed HCOB and ARTEMEON project team for your commitment and dedication and for delivering the project work ahead to time!

ARTEMEON is an independent Consulting and Software firm. We help our clients better manage regulatory requirements and implement change across the organization. Our focus is on organizational effectiveness, digitalization, implementation of regulatory requirements and the provision of smart monitoring and regulatory technology (RegTech) and operational improvement. Our ARTEMEON AGP software products support the smart digitization of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) frameworks and Internal Control Systems (ICS), KRI & KPI monitoring and adequate controlling and steering solutions in compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, our software solutions help our clients in achieving their internal control objectives by streamlining KRI and issue assessment, reporting and investigation activities.