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AXA Konzern AG rolls out digital BCM with BCM@ARTEMEON

  • Thursday 11 July 2024
  • 1 min read
AXA Konzern AG rolls out digital BCM with BCM@ARTEMEON

Following the successful implementation of our two software modules ISMS@ARTEMEON and VAM@ARTEMEON, AXA Konzern AG has chosen to implement our BCM@ARTEMEON software – thereby extending the use of our AGP@ARTEMEON platform to three modules.

BCM@ARTEMEON is designed to enable organizations to streamline the identification of critical processes and resources and to establish an appropriate business continuity management. BCM@ARTEMEON includes business impact analysis and BCM risk analysis functionalities, supports the creation of emergency and business continuity plans and documents all BCM related testing activities.

We would like to thank AXA Konzern AG for their continued trust in our company. We are looking forward to the extended cooperation!

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