ISMS@ARTEMEON Information Security Management Software

  • Mapping of relevant assets (business processes, data clusters, applications, hardware, infrastructure, …)
  • Identification of asset protection requirements based on confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • InfoSec Gap Analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Documentation of risk mitigation measures
  • InfoSec Gap register
  • Automated resubmission function
  • Capture and management of infosec related audit findings
  • Protection requirements assessment, risk analysis, security concept and gap analysis according to BSI standards, BAIT and ISO 27005

ARTEMEON – ISMS@ARTEMEON digitises the information security management system (ISMS).

Our software allows to describe the information network in a structured way, to map all relevant assets (e.g. business processes, data clusters, applications, hardware, infrastructure, buildings) and to inherit protection requirements and risks in the information network. ISMS@ARTEMEON automates the management of requirements, threats, vulnerabilities, the documentation of protection needs and security concepts as well as the creation of a deviation register in the information network.

ISMS@ARTEMEON supports the essential processes of information security management. This includes protection needs assessment, security concept, risk analysis and controls as well as information risk management. Workflows and contents take into account requirements of the EBA Guideline EBA/GL/2019/04, BAIT, ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards as well as the national standard of the BSI Grundschutz.

Our ISMS@ARTEMEON software enables a uniform procedure for the creation, monitoring and updating of all information relevant to information risk management.

ISMS@ARTEMEON is relied on by financial institutions to implement an efficient and effective information security management system.