BCM@ARTEMEON: BCM & Emergency Management Software

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • BCM Risk Analysis (RIA)
  • Risk report and BC solution concepts
  • Generation of recovery strategies, emergency plan, emergency manual
  • Documentation of business continuity plan
  • Exercise & testing, documentation of functional tests, emergency exercises, call tree test
  • Analysis tool for evaluations of BIA, RIA and business continuity plan

ARTEMEON – BCM@ARTEMEON supports BCM and emergency management.

With the help of BCM@ARTEMEON, critical or relevant processes and business activities are identified in order to establish an appropriate emergency management based on the standard of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) 200-4: Emergency Management.

BCM@ARTEMEON contains workflows for performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and a BCM Risk Analysis (RIA). Risk reports and BC solution concepts are automatically generated, as is the generation of recovery strategies, emergency plans and emergency manuals. The BCM@ARTEMEON workflow results in the automated generation of the business continuity plan.

In addition, the BCM@ARTEMEON software supports exercise & testing, for example by documenting functional tests, emergency exercises or call tree tests. Various evaluations of the BIA, RIA and business continuation plan can be triggered via an analysis tool.